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Alma de AOVE

The Essence of the Olive tree

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE)
The Great Treasure of the Spanish Culture to be discovered

We want to convey our passion for the Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) through a number of selected tastings and amazing pairings! 


Our company is born from tradition and pride by our family roots and our history

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) is the great treasure to be discovered of the Spanish Culture and the Mediterranean Diet. We have set out to show it to the world, thus giving due recognition to all those people who, over hundreds of years, have worked hard to bring it to our days with exceptional quality. 


In our tastings, you will enjoy the tasting of a careful selection of excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oils (AOVE). Their origins are in family mills from practically all our Spanish Geography, with different olive´s varieties, influenced by different climates and soils.

A great richness on which we can boast, without any doubt, as Leading Country in this Sector.

These mills have a long history behind and have achieved, with great effort, year after year and harvest after harvest, excellence and the highest quality in their products.

It is an honor for us to show you their treasures. 

"Grab a glass in your hands, stroke it to temper it, observe its hues, its transparency, its fluidity...
close your eyes, perceive all its aromas, fresh and soft…
Feel them…
Drink, let the AOVE slide into your mouth, without swallowing it, discover all its nuances and sensations…
Enjoy it…
and now, let him follow his path leaving a soft, velvety trail"


Without a doubt, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) has its meaning in Gastronomy and in the wonderful sensations that it brings us with each pairing.

This can only be seen when its possibilities are known. It will be our goal, that you enjoy a sensory experience that you have never imagined with our simple gastronomic tastings and creative fusions.

Something that, with imagination, you are going to be able to experience yourself and surprise your guests…you set your limits!

Health care

It is demonstrated by numerous scientific studies, that Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) provides numerous benefits to our body.

These studies affirm that regular consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) protects the bone structure, improves metabolic functions, fights and prevents cholesterol, helps us to lose weight, stimulates intestinal transit, promotes scarring, is a great ally to prevent carcinogenic pathologies, has antioxidant effects... are very numerous the benefits that Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) brings to our health.

SPAIN has been declared this year 2019, according to the index "Bloomberg Healthiest Country", the healthiest country in the world and this is largely due to our Mediterranean diet and daily consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE).
Knowing this, there is no excuse not to consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE) every day. 

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